Royal Wedding Cocktails and Costumes - Seven Ideas to Host Your Own Viewing Party

Royal Wedding Cocktails and Costumes - Seven Ideas to Host Your Own Viewing Party

I have a thing for the Royals. I know I am not alone in this, but it's a thing... So much so that a former colleague of mine once brought me Kate and Will wedding memorabilia from a trip to London. I was never much of a princess-y girl, however, I love myself a castle. Growing up, I daydreamed about getting accidentally lost in one on a tour and taking up residence there. Who would notice, right? Today, my daydreams take the form of internet delusions where I spend a little too much time looking at castles for sale around the world

So when there's a Royal occasion to celebrate, I like to join in. In 2011, when Kate and William were married, I hosted one of my favorite parties ever. We literally rolled out the red carpet and invited our friends to join in the celebration by dressing as Royal wedding guests. They took their parts seriously, and we had an amazing time. 

I had hoped to host a follow-up to my royal wedding soiree to celebrate Meghan and Harry's wedding, but a broken wrist and a busy spring have gotten in the way. Instead, I will be recording their wedding and pouring myself a classy beverage to watch the fun. That said, I HIGHLY encourage anyone who can to host a royal wedding party of some kind, because, really, when will we have this chance again? 

Here are seven ideas to host your own royal wedding fete — from simple to grand. 

Record the wedding and watch it at a civilized hour with a Pimm's Cup in hand. Invite a friend over, or two. Pour yourself a Pimm's Cup (or you could take a note from the Queen and drink a gin and Dubonnet).


Take the festivities a step further and get a couple of fascinators or pill-box hats for the ladies and top hats for the men to wear. They are as fun to wear as they are to look at! 

Now, if you want to make this more of a party, there are a few ways to quickly add some English grandeur. 

Roll out the red carpet. Have your guests walk in in style. I have rented mine from a local party company, but this one from Amazon seems like a great deal and can be reused for future parties (Oscars, kids movie nights, etc.). 

Do the photo booth. We set ours up right after the red carpet encouraging guests to take pictures as they entered (a la celebrity red carpet). No photo booth is complete without props. Take a cue from the Royals themselves, and provide sashes, pearls, tiaras and top hats (all available via Amazon Prime to get in time).


Invite your guests to play a part. Encourage playful royal attire with your guests. Our friends really got into the theme and attended as Indian Maharaja, Royal relatives, guests from distant lands, and so much more. We made it a friendly competition with a prize for best dressed.  


No matter how you're watching, I hope you enjoy. I am excited to indulge my inner Royal. 

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