We Are All in This Together

We Are All in This Together

Wow. Thank you. Two weeks ago I asked you to share your greatest pain points in both parenting and in life through a short, anonymous two-question survey. You answered, and the responses were amazing. 

(Note: If you haven't participated, please do! You can fill out the survey here. I am still collecting responses, and every single response is so valuable to me.) 

My hope with this survey was that I could listen to what is going on in your lives and find ways to use 19 Streets to be more of a resource and value to you. In truth, though, I don't know if I knew what to expect in response. 

What I got was amazing... You shared challenges you're facing in child development, finances and health. You shared that you're worried about being the best version of yourself, or giving enough of yourself to the people around you. You shared worries about not taking enough time for yourself. You shared everyday challenges like making time for dinner or working out. You shared anxiety over your job or career. 

And you know what? The most amazing thing is that you all shared very similar concerns. And I share them with you! We're all in this together. 


Life is busy and complicated. I don't need to tell you that we live in a 24-hour culture where work knows no limits, and demands come from every direction. There have been dozens of articles documenting the increasing costs of medical costs, education, housing and child care, while lamenting the lack of support for working parents. Families live farther from their relatives. And parenting principles, good or bad, stress more involvement with your kids.

How can we do all of this? I wish I had the answers. I am seeking them myself, but I am here to tell you that we are all in this together, and if we share, talk about it and maybe even make small changes, we can help each other and ourselves.  


I have been thinking a lot about your survey responses and our shared challenges and ways to improve 19 Streets. I want to offer more ways to help add a little brightness to your busy lives. You'll still find lifestyle, food, family and music like always, but I am also going to introduce small things we can do to improve our busy lives. Mindfulness and self-care (two topics that seem to be everywhere these days) are really wonderful but can sometimes feel daunting to someone who is trying to find an extra minute in the day to cook a meal, let alone get a manicure. 

My intention with these slow moments (slowments?) is to offer a simple way to do something for yourself that doesn't add to your already very large list of to-dos. 

I am going to be sharing these ideas each week in my 19 Streets newsletter. Please join me in this tiny movement to make our busy lives a little bit better. 

Virtual hugs to all of you. xo

Image: Illustration by Shelley Couvillion; Photo by Anya Marie

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