Our Favorite Birthday Gifts for Kids

Our Favorite Birthday Gifts for Kids

We're fasting approaching birthday season around here. Jack and Sadie both celebrate their birthdays in October, along with my nephew and niece. December and January add another four birthdays to the list. Needless to say, the holidays are very celebratory around in our house. 

Over the years, we have given and been gifted so many wonderful gifts for kids. It has been so interesting to see which presents have become favorites.

If you ask our kids, their wish lists are ever-changing, but I have built a pretty solid list of tried-and-true gifts to give and get kids at any age, from newborn to eight years old. 

Newborn Gifts

At this stage, the gifts aren't really for the babies, but for the parents, so I like to get them something sentimental and/or special. A neighbor of ours got us these adorable custom wooden blocks when the twins were born. I also love to gift a really beautiful figure or piggy bank for the nursery. 

One Year Old Gifts

I always find first birthday gifts to be among the toughest to buy. The babies aren't really into many toys yet, and the toys they do play with are so dependent upon the child's interests and developmental stage at that moment. That said, these are a few things that have been well-loved in that 12 - 24 month stage in our house. Blocks are an obvious choice and still a favorite among all of our kids, however, I love these foam blocks for first block building. They are soft and easy to stack and also worry-free for the inevitable mouthing. Sadie has been toting around this Stella baby doll for nearly a year now and loves it. It's so soft and cuddly, and the magnetic pacifier is endlessly entertaining. 

Two Year Old Gifts

For two year olds, I like interactive toys that are big enough for small hands and can grab attention for more than a few minutes at a time. We were gifted this button art set and it's been a favorite among all of my girls. They had fun placing and removing the buttons before they understood the color matching, and then as they grew older, the puzzle aspect of it drew them in. The science kit is perhaps our most-used toy in the house and has taken on a variety of evolutions — from bath toy to doctor tools, and everything in between. It is equally loved by all four kids and is one of my favorite slam-dunk gifts for the toddler/preschooler set.

Three Year Old Gifts

Three seems to be the magic age when fears start to become real, and "night sounds," as Rosie calls them, trigger bedtime worries. Rosie and Clara each take a flashlight to bed with them to give them comfort and also to help them look through books when they don't want to fall asleep. These large Melissa and Doug flashlights are easy for them to handle, and they love the fun designs. I came across Lottie dolls in a local boutique and loved the mission of them: to create imaginative, adventurous dolls based on real children. They come equipped with adorable clothing and have plenty of accessories for real-life adventures (fishing, star gazing, horseback riding).

Four Year Old Gifts 

Imagination hits high gear around four years old in our house, and these two have been kid-favorites for our kids and any friends they have over. The cargo vest (and corresponding field tools) have gone on many backyard and park adventures, and the tape dispenser gives kids the freedom to be endlessly creative. 

Five Year Old Gifts

I am a big advocate for snail mail, and it's especially exciting for kids. The monthly subscription science and creativity kit, Kiwi Crate, is the gift that keeps on giving, literally. I love seeing our kids rush to the mailbox to see what they may have gotten. The projects within the crate are fun and offer varying levels of engagement. For the kids who love wheels, we are big fans of this shark remote control car that is super easy to drive and rolls over all terrains, including water (note: we road tested it on the beach, and it turns out, it does not survive a three-foot wave). 

Six Year Old Gifts

Games started to become a lot more interesting and fun around age six, and Qwirkle is still one of our favorites to play. It's a quick game to learn and can be adapted easily depending on skill level. Legos have a permanent place in our home, and this simple Lego organizer makes it easy to take Legos on the go. We have also used it in our house to store all those extremely important Legos that cannot be put away yet.

Seven Year Old Gifts

This EzyRoller is a neighborhood favorite, and while all of our kids like it, it didn't get as much attention as it does now by our seven year old. It's the most expensive gift on our list, but it feels worth the price. It's a fresh take on a ride-on toy that is really durable and super fun. We are big fans. For smaller gifts, Ooly scented markers paired with cute paper or notepads always wins. In fact, I love everything from Ooly.

Eight Year Old Gifts

Jack turns eight in October, and we have a solid list of gift ideas going so far. These are two that I am excited about for him and am also excited to pass along to friends as we make our way through the eighth birthday party circuit this year. I have a feeling the rock tumbler will be used for than just rocks... The Literati book club has been on my wish list for the kids for a while, and I'm eager to give it a go. (Note: These are the only two on this list that I have not yet experienced myself, but I will update this post with any additional thoughts post-birthday.) 

P.S. Looking for more kids gift ideas? Here are 10 toys our kids have played with for years and years.

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