Four Years of Moments Big and Small with My Twin Girls

Four Years of Moments Big and Small with My Twin Girls

This week, we celebrated my twin daughters’ fourth birthdays.

Over the past four years, there have been some incredible moments, and we’ve come out of it with two incredibly dynamic four year old girls who are bursting with personality and ambition. I love these girls. I cannot imagine life without them. But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

To get through the tougher phases, we set ourselves small goals and celebrated those wins. Here are a few of the bigger, small wins that got us through the first four years of twins (plus their big brother and little sister).

We Didn’t Mix Them Up (Too Much)


Our girls don’t look alike. In fact, they are different in just about every way. Their hair even parts in different directions! But when they were tiny babies, they looked so similar. In fact, in the very first photo I shared of their birth, I mixed them up. Yikes! We quickly developed some tricks to keep them straight. Rosie was always on the right. Clara had bottles with a “Clara-plane” (airplane) on them. Rosie wore flower colors (pinks, etc.). Clara had anything that was clear. These little devices helped us keep them straight until their clearly obvious features started to become more obvious.

We Became Mobile!


Before my girls were born, I would take Jack and our dog on a walk every morning before school and work. That quality time together was one of my favorite parts of the day. When the twins were born, I was hopeful that I would be able to keep this tradition alive. Reality proved otherwise. We had a few walks here and there, but we were (and still are!) far from those daily morning strolls. The first time I got the girls packed up in the stroller and had a successful walk, however, was a big moment. Even bigger still: the first time I got the twins and their new baby sister in our stroller and took all four kids for a walk. For us, it really was about the baby steps.

When I Realized Why the Baby Swing Has Two Sides


This was such an exciting moment! I get it! This is why these swings have two sides! It’s made for twins. Right? I have since witnessed other twin moms have this same revelation, and I am proud to share this special milestone.

Their First Twin Moment


It’s true, as they say. Twins have a special connection. It’s been so fun to watch this develop over the last four years. They get into silly shenanigans like this unique pose. They can talk each other into trouble, like smearing diaper rash cream all over themselves. They have a lovely way of consoling each other that is matched by no one else. They always have tabs on each other. They have a partner for all of life’s adventures.

Our First Trip Without a Stroller


Last fall, when Rosie and Clara were three, and Sadie was two, we traveled to Mexico without a stroller. In retrospect, it may have been a little premature. We had a few incidents with kids tumbling off of over-stuffed luggage carts, but we made it! (And no one was injured.) The girls walked alongside their big brother for a large part of the vacation. It was such a relief not to pack, load, unload, unpack our large stroller. A milestone, for sure.

The Moment I Realized They Are Not Babies Anymore


This week, these two girls turned four. They are bright, curious, adventurous girls who have the whole world ahead of them. Just as fast as my life changed when they were born, it feels that life has changed again, and the babies who consumed my world are growing up. No more diapers, naps, or strollers. Fewer night wakings and feedings. Our world is shifting again. I have been longing for more independence and flexibility, and now that I have it, I want to cuddle those little babies again. Thankfully, they are still only four.

P.S. Rosie and Clara’s third birthday party.

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